Food- friend or foe?

Friday Night, Family Pizza Night– A night I started back when my husband was working two jobs, leaving me with the kids alone on a Friday night.  It was our way to make the time pass while giving us something to look forward to during the week.  I’d let the kids pick a movie and i’d buy a take-and-bake pizza.  Luckily for me Jayce has excellent taste and always seems to pick a classic Disney movie that I love. Sounds like a great night, right?!  I mean it was nice, although I was missing my husband….. but aside from that I would restrict myself from pizza and make myself a salad.  Cool.  Once we were done and the kids were asleep i’d clean up and sneak pizza.  Not cool.  Just a slice or two so it wasn’t noticeable.  But why? Sneaking from who?!?  Who did I not want to notice?!?  The only person judging me was ME and that is no way to live my friends!! You have to have a balance in life.  Food is a big part of life yet we often feel like it’s all or nothing.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m fortunate that I now get to spend those movie nights with my husband, as he no longer has to work those two jobs, my two boys, a great animation and pizza.  The pizza is actually something I look forward to with excitement. Not guilt, anxiety or shame.  We switched from the take-and-bakes back to the homemade and trying new toppings is a highlight of the evening.  It’s all a part of an experience for me.  Watching the boys roll out dough, telling Mason over and over again to stop eating all of the pepperoni, my husband tossing the dough into the air and it usually hitting the ceiling or Mason’s face (LOL).  I’m content and my heart is full.  I don’t feel anxious with my salad or have that temptation of sneaking off into the kitchen.  Don’t be that person that beats yourself up for eating something.  Just go right back into your usual way of eating.  A slice of pizza isn’t going to ruin you.  The body is a whole lot more complex than that.  Love your body enough to allow it enjoy these experiences.  Learn to see those meals as something special and build a healthy relationship with food.


This past Friday we had the pleasure of having Emma of Fate and Chaos come to our home to document our special night.  The photos capture the essence of who we are and make those slices of pizza all worth it.





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